How I believe that what we have learned in chapter 18 of the principals and practices will shape my future career and also how it will better not only myself as a future massage therapist, but also my clients and how it will be able to affect them in a positive way.

First –  I would have to be of course the fact I will be able to understand what doctors are referring to whenever they would send me a client that needs help with either rage of motion, help after they just got into a car accident, or just needing to relax after a hard day of work. Whether it’d be through the medical terminology, or understanding when a doctor sends me a client that has problems with posterior scapula muscles (Teres minor, Teres Major, and Infraspinatus) or simply a tennis elbow.

Second –  I feel knowing all about the four different levels of tissues will greatly benefit my clients as I can explain exactly what each layer of the tissue would do and how it helps prevent things from happening. Also being able to explain to a client about the different types of systems and how they work to make the body complete. Also being able to know where certain nerves are and lymphatic nodes are can help unblock a node to help the body flush the toxin out in order for the client to feel better.

Third – Understanding how the body compass works will also again help with my future career as a medical massage therapist. As whenever a doctor (or client) would come in and say the Posterior side of the Inferior scapula is tight or has a trigger point in which I could easily think “Oh okay so you have a trigger point in your back below your scapula”.

And lastly, I feel the chapter has taught me that in order to become the best medical massage therapist I need to not only become good at Anatomy and Physiology but also to become aware of who I am already.

Hopefully, this has been at least a little information about how I feel the information of the chapter 18 we’ve read will help benefit my future career.

David Bowser, student class April 2018