European Medical School of Massage LLC affords each student, career counseling, discounts on industry equipment purchases, internship placement, resume building and interview skills.
European Medical School of Massage LLC (EMSOM) has been forming relationships with wellness professionals. We have become a reliable source for well-established spas, physical therapy facilities, chiropractic offices, medical offices and clinics requesting our graduates for employment. EMSOM graduates possess great knowledge and skill; and thus have truly been the reason for our long lasting reputation with the community.
EMSOM’s career services professionals work directly with the student from the start of his or her program of study. The relationship that develops between the student and his or her career services advisor, results in a greater potential for the best possible employment for the student. It is important that the career services advisor know the student well and understands what the student is looking for when it comes to employment in their new career. Because our career services professionals know their student and their community of wellness employers, they can help create a harmonious match between the two. While we cannot guarantee employment, we can promise that we are committed to your success, and thus we are dedicated to pursuing a path to employment for every student who expresses a desire for our assistance.