What is lower back pain and how do people develop it and what can a person do to reduce the pain. Lower back pain can be improved over time or from an injury. The muscles of the lower back tears, overstretch and tightens. Which can overstretch the muscle and ligaments that attach to the Bone? The symptoms to lower back pain are the lower amount of flexibility inflammation on the back, trouble sitting, standing pain, on the glutes, insides of the back some muscles of the lower back and glutes can travel down to the leg. Due to tightness can affect the upper back and neck. Examples of when lower back pain occurs is an injury that involves heavyweights or any twisting of the spine. Also can be developed over time when the posture of the client is not correct. People who have substantial labor jobs, play a sport, or had an injury can develop this pain, and some people won’t notice the pain. The parts of the body that are affected are the glutes, the lower back muscles, the spine, the joints, the ligaments and also the bones.

          There are many treatments to reduce the pain which some can be successful, and others can damage it even more. Examples of treating Are over the counter medications, prescribed medications, a surgical treatment that only doctors can do, surgeries, and physical training. Unfortunately, almost everyone has developed or experienced lower back pain. Many people seek many procedures to reduce the pain while others try to ignore it which can make it worse. Many people even waste thousands of dollars and time using all these treatments without little or no success or only making it more painful.

          There are many ways a person can reduce the pain at home or at work that they can do without help. For example, the person can do exercises to strengthen the core and back. Many people can do stretches before starting work, exercise, or starting the day. Others can do physical therapy once the body is done healing for itself. Using heating or ice pack can help with the pain but if there is inflammation do use an ice pack. The best way that I think can help even more is getting a massage by a professional.

            What a massage therapist would do if a client has lower back pain is check to see the range of motion of the client and palpate the area to see any tightness, restriction, trigger points, and inflammation. If the swelling is present; cryotherapy would be used. If the inflammation is severe, no massage will be done, but cryotherapy would be used to reduce the inflammation. Once there is no inflammation the therapist will massage the whole back focusing muscles near the spine especially the lower back. The therapist should be focusing on the QL on the Lats and other areas near the lower back. Running your thumbs on the sides of the spine can help to loosen up the muscles so that therapist can have the client on their side and push the muscles on the spine away from it. Working on the sacrum can also help due to tightness in the hips. The key to loosen up all that muscles is working on the glutes. Most of the lower back muscles attached to the bones of the glutes pressing down to the glutes and stretching the legs can lengthen the muscles again especially the piriformis. Performing trigger points an STR and stretches can improve the clients lower back pain and flexibility working on the back glutes legs can help a client. The therapist must explain each step they are going to do and what a client can do after the massage to improve the lower back. Stretching drinking plenty of water and resting after a massage will help keep that lower pain better without it the client may make that good stretch even worse due to the body warming up and being stretched.  

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