The mission statement of European Medical School of Massage LLC is to establish an educational program that is committed to preparing students with proper instruction, education, positive guidance and training in the essential modalities of medical massage to fulfill their vision of a successful career to serve the community. Guiding the students to focus on a population who suffer from pain and stress, injuries or medical conditions including sports injuries, cancer, post-orthopedic rehabilitation and prevention of future conditions.


The history of European Medical School of Massage LLC, an accredited school by COMTA is founded by Dorel Lacatus, a Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist who established Continuing Education Workshops and European Medical Massage & Spa, in Reading. Mr. Lacatus has extensive education in physical therapy, kinesiology, chiropractic treatment, and medical massage. He has established a business in Berks County that provides the community and surrounding areas with a unique clinical approach to medical massage for pain relief and management of chronic and acute health symptoms and conditions. Therefore, he has embarked on providing the same quality education in these methods to advance the massage therapy industry into the next generation of concomitant, comprehensive manual therapy.
Currently, Berks County massage therapy education programs have provided the tools for an entry-level massage therapist to begin a career in wellness. However, the standards that have been set by the State of Pennsylvania have forced educators to implement an increased quality of education to ensure the success of any student and to execute the medically appreciated treatment of common symptoms and postulates for the overall health of the public. These ideals for care have been demonstrated by Dorel Lacatus and have been paramount to his success as a medical massage practitioner serving Berks and adjoining counties for the past fifteen years. During this time, Mr. Lacatus has continued to provide post technical school massage training to all of his therapists in order to effectuate the changes in client satisfaction from pain relief and chronic conditions. These techniques have afforded the European population advanced massage therapy solutions for decades and have pushed the American massage therapist to improve upon services in this country from a medical perspective. Medical massage methods are not encompassed in the current curriculum of basic massage training and have been found to be lacking in most massage therapy enterprises as a source of successful management of human physical stress. In further support, national trends are inclined to require Associate’s Degrees in Health Science for massage therapists due to the higher standards set for massage and manual therapists in individual states as they are recognized as a vital constituent of medical care. European Medical School of Massage LLC provides the Berks County community with access to massage therapy education by experienced, educated, and motivated instructors for a career in a holistic and beneficial field of healthcare. Since medical massage has developed into an essential component for the treatment of a variety of diagnoses, in conjunction with many other licensed healthcare professionals, an educational program for this field is essential to this growing therapy. Massage therapy is in the highest demand by clients and employers since being recognized by the State of Pennsylvania as a profession worthy of Licensure and regulation due to its significant contribution to public wellness from both physical and psychological perspectives. Because of this, education for massage therapy professionals from a comprehensive, clinical, solution-oriented, client-focused, perspective is now available through European Medical School of Massage LLC.
Our school and program will afford Berks County and mid-Atlantic state students with the fundamental resources necessary to achieve and succeed in today’s society. The future massage professionals will have the convenience of location, and all of the educational resources that are available at a quality facility with the potential for additional instruction in other fields from the rich resources of colleges in the immediate area. Looking ahead at the inevitability of a required Associate’s Degree for massage practitioners, operating a massage program of this caliber would obviously be practical for our students and for local colleges to increase programs and credit courses for this degree to be achieved. In essence, the School provides southeastern Pennsylvania with the benchmark in education for massage and manual therapists. This program gives the student with the required minimum of 600 hours of clinical education necessary to sit for the State licensing examination, and a diploma/certificate will be awarded at the end of the program. The School follows the Pennsylvania State Board of Massage Therapy Rules & Regulations and the guidelines of the National Certification Board for Massage Therapy and Bodywork, as well as the American Massage Therapy Association, and Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, pursuant to which the student will be prepared for successful completion of the examination and licensure. Statistics for completion, graduates, and State and National examination success rates will be available to all students and the public.


The educational objectives are the guidelines to prepare medical massage therapists to become trained, knowledgeable professionals. The massage curriculum will build upon the basic knowledge of massage therapy. The curriculum will provide information to the student by providing essential modalities of medical massage for the care of all clients. Students are provided with the educational tools necessary to:

• Learn to evaluate and heal more difficult treatment situations that arise in massage practices.

• Implement detailed assessment, and body strengthening therapeutic movements, to address more complicated musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

• Expand the student’s expertise with bodywork, spa, and nutritional evaluation techniques that will complement traditional Massage Therapy interventions.

• Training designed to develop the Massage Therapist’s ability to help their clients on many levels of treating chronic pain with knowledge of Orthopedic Massage, Clinical Assessment, Lymphatic Drainage, and Special Massage Modalities.