Shauna Moore
Never before have I been to a school so incredibly involved in helping their students succeed. The administration and staff are fantastic. Dorel has such a tremendous amount of knowledge that he willingly imparts to his students. This school goes so far above and beyond what the average massage school teaches to make sure that the therapists they produce are not the same run-of-the-mill therapists that come out of other institutions. We have learned a wealth of advanced techniques that apply to real-world medical problems that actual clients have that need to be addressed instead of just your essential relaxation massage. Not only that, but the teachers are also thorough and do everything they can help us succeed with both theory and hands-on training and everyone is quick to address problems or questions any of us might have. This school deserves way more than five stats for all they do. I’m so glad I found EMSOM! I’ve never once been disappointed by my choice!
Katura Lambright
I am humbled and grateful that I was led to EMSOM where I have been receiving the best education out there for massage students. To say that the staff and teachers go above and beyond their call of duty to be sure you have all your questions and concerns answered is an understatement. Dorel is always eager to teach us as much as possible from his wealth of knowledge and experience. His business advice is top notch, and one would pay thousands of dollars for it at a business mastery course. Dorel wants his students to have the training on how to not only be the best medical massage therapists, but also the most successful.
I would recommend this school to anyone who is considering a career in massage therapy. You will be learning from the best!

Semuel Brown

After weighing out my options for massage schools in the area I decided to step into EMSOM’s doors, the rest is history. From their curriculum tailored to give their students the best of the best regarding educational material, to their high-quality equipment and services EMSOM continues to blow my expectations out of the water completely. But everyone knows a good education is only half of what makes a place great. The staff and teachers are so well versed and have so much to offer I get a headache just thinking about all of the knowledge they drop on us during class. Not only that but they tailor to us students to help us be the absolute best we can be. Teachers aside the President Dorel Lacatus and Vice-President LeeAnne Spohn have poured their blood sweat and tears into this school to continuously give not only students but clients the best service available.

Since I started attending classes here, I’ve never looked back and wished I hadn’t. The teachers, staff and educational quality is everything I’d look for in a field so helpful such as Medical Massage. Recommend this place to anyone looking for a strong start towards their massage dreams

Amanda Wolfe

I am so grateful I chose this school above all the others. The staff and the president honestly will do anything to help you become successful and achieve your dreams. The personal attention is terrific; the curriculum is above and beyond my expectations. I feel more equipped to start my own business and help people that are in pain than I ever thought possible. I am amazed and so thankful for the fantastic work this school has done and will continue doing, for its students.

Dominic C. ZX

Truly the most informed message school in all 50 states, and the only European medical school too. If you feel like a massage is only to relax, and offers little in the area of pain relief, or healing, then you must try the best of the best. This school gives and teaches a new way of life! Pain-free, and confident in the future!

Heather Lu

I have only been a student for about a month and a half and the people that I have been able to help have had raving reviews. It’s helped me come out of my shell and stand in my strength as a soon to be a licensed massage therapist. This school is covering a wide range of styles and techniques along with marketing, business ownership fundamentals, how to bill & code for medical insurance purposes. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there the president also offers a lifetime of support after the course is over. You are not just a number at this school. They believe in you and your success.

Luis Colindres

Did you get a busy schedule? No problem! This school is very understanding of the fast-paced society we live in. They got morning classes, evening classes, and an excellent staff that show they care about your success as a massage therapist. I don’t even gotta study much after class because the information clicks right in. When you’re in a safe and caring environment, that’s the best time to learn! After all, they know it’s their reputation on the line when I go off around the world talking about where I learned my excellent techniques.

Lisa Moore

I wanted to start by saying this field has always held particular interest for me as I struggle with chronic pain no doctor or any medical professional could help me. I have been helped so much by a massage therapist it is amazing, so I decided to inquire about this opportunity to help others in the future. I went to BTI to check out their program and was not convinced then came to EMSOM after speaking with Leanne and Dorel I knew it was the right time and the right school. They validated my fears and my insecurities and helped me to overcome them! I felt at home and that they listened and honestly care about me. So I gave up my career of 30 years as a retail manager and now am a student learning so much every day and every week. I believe they will help me be the best I can be and will be true mentors for me in every step of the way. The teachers are sincere, knowledgeable and genuinely care about their students. They will go out of their way to help us out no matter what. I look forward to helping people in the future and be the best therapist I can be to make Dorel and everyone proud!

Amanda Fox

In 2003, I graduated from a great school in State College, PA. With the passing of the massage licensing and regulations, my school had closed, and I felt kind of ‘homeless’ in a way as for support and continuing education, so I hung up my massage business of 10 years. In the past couple months, a friend sparked up my interest in massage, and I found that I missed it very much. We attended a class at EMSOM for continuing education to get our licenses up to par, and I have found a new Massage School I can call home. 🙂 Thank you so very much, Dorel for squeezing us in and teaching us! I can’t wait to get our new office running and my hands on people again!!!

April Feigles-Rearick

I took a continuing Ed course on medical massage. I loved it! I couldn’t wait to get home and start using the new techniques on my clients. They now to love it. I learned so much! Great hands-on, and peaceful environment. Will be continuing my education there in the future. Dorel is a wonderful teacher and takes the time to teach and show you. Highly recommended.

Courtney Witmer

I love this school! The teachers will go above and beyond to help you understand to your best! Dorel is very involved with us, and he’s super understanding and helps you with whatever your dreams are! They all make sure you achieve your goals and dreams! They all go above and beyond what I expected! This school is so much more than I could have ever expected to learn in such a short period! It’s a great school I highly recommend it; it’s the best around! You get so much more knowledge than simply being a massage therapist!

Kylie Rumcik

For me, I was sold when they came into the school to talk about it. I like how they keep on going with it and don’t stop at one thing. They make things possible. They were very welcoming and are very helpful throughout the process of being here. I am very glad I chose EMSOM, they make these things possible and to help you know more about your career. It amazing to be here with everyone and for them to all be kind, help you through the process and to help you grow.

I chose EMSOM because of many reasons. As I looked at other massage schools, this one stuck out the most. I liked the way it was presented at my school. They showed that they care about their students. Also, they showed that you wouldn’t go through this alone and that they would have you back so you can reach your goals. You can see you will achieve your goals going here and be pleased with the work of the teachers. But not only those good qualities EMSOM has, but they are also always keeping up to date with everything new that comes along. This school is willing to go the extra mile, and that’s what I like. But what I like even more than that is knowing what my mom goes through, and the pain that she is always in I will be able to help. I like that the fact I will be able to help her and much more people when I am done. I want to be able to change a person’s life with relieving pain and helping them get better. I saw I would get a lot more benefits out of this school than any other. That’s why I chose EMSOM.

So far the classes have been great. Everyone is very helpful and willing to work together. Pam so far is such a great teacher, and the classmates are seriously awesome. It’s such a great working environment. I feel very comfortable and never have been so excited to learn. I can’t wait to see what else is coming our way in the class.

Naomi Esther

I am so thankful I found European Medical School of Massage. I feel that I am already surpassing my expectations (as well as my family’s expectations) on what I could learn in school. The instructors are helpful and kind mentors, assisting the students in any way they can to comprehend and retain information. The staff is warm, sincere, and intelligent, as well as upfront on what they expect from students, as well as what we can gain from EMSOM. I am so thrilled to be attending class and am so excited to see the field of Medical Massage grow!!

Since I was a child, I have had a passion for helping others. I was the “mother” of our group of friend on the block, and I always made sure my siblings were safe and taken care of. When I was about 12 years old, I wanted to rub my mother’s shoulders as I saw how hard she worked taking care of her children (8 at the time and the last one on the way!). My mom said it felt wonderful and I was driven to give more massages and learn as much as I could with books at local bookstores and libraries. I gave massages to friends, family members, church members, and neighbors. It warmed my heart and made me excited to know that I was making someone feel relaxed and was getting rid of the pain.

As I grew older, I still loved to give massages, but I was told to go to college so I could make a good living. Four years, a bachelor’s degree, and a recession later, I felt unfulfilled at my corporate jobs. I missed working with my hands and getting to know and help people. I was not meant to sit in front of a computer and answer phone calls. I have a more significant purpose in this life, and two years ago I was drawn back to massage. I felt the hunger, the deep longing in my heart, the passion rise like a volcano and burst out as I announced to my then-fiance and his mother, “I want to be a massage therapist!”.

The next year was filled with a lot on self-evaluation and self-discovery due to a loss of a job, and the longing to go back to school became stronger every day. As I searched for employment, I spoke to massage therapists in practice, I called and visited schools, and researched my options. At the time, the school was not in my future as I couldn’t find a way to finance my education, and the one class I was interested in did not have a reliable schedule. I was crushed that my dream may not come true.

That is when a friend of mine suggested EMSOM after I had begun working with a Berks County business. I expressed my longing to go back to school, even though I had a corporate job. She said EMSOM was a new school, but that may work in my favor as they had loans available. I visited the school, spoke to Dorel and LeeAnn, and saw Pam teach, and at that moment I sat in class I realized, “This is where I want to be. This is where I was to go to school.” The passion and kindness given off by Dorel, the knowledge and experience given off by the instructors, and the breadth of teachings offered by EMSOM had me almost bouncing off the walls with sheer excitement.

Now every day I become more and more excited to work with highly skilled instructors who are just as passionate as I am. I am so happy I chose EMSOM over any other school. They understand massage is going towards the medical field. They understand that a school needs to be flexible and willing to help their students. The amount of knowledge we students will obtain in only nine months will astound our clients and show the world what a great education we received at EMSOM. I look forward to going to class, learning as much as I can, and going out into my community spreading the word that massage has medical benefits and is here to stay. I will be a massage nerd and loved every moment!

Ciara Ann

I am thrilled that I chose European Medical School of Massage. The staff was warm and welcoming and helped to make the transition of going back to school very pleasant. The founders of the school and their instructors embody such drive and passion; I feel fortunate to be among them. I am only a third done the program, and I feel both excited and confident in my medical massage knowledge and technique. My instructor incorporates lecture and hands-on technique in every class, and she is kind enough to share her own professional experiences which are full of clinical pearls and great lessons!
EMSOM’s curriculum is for everyone, whether you are just out of high school, or looking for a rewarding career change, or maybe you are a health professional looking to expand your services. Whatever path you are on, EMSOM is an excellent choice, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of this school and growing profession!

I chose massage therapy because I love doing bodywork on my patients. I’m a Chiropractor, and even though the focus of my practice is on proper spinal alignment and maintaining normal joint functioning through all ranges of motion, I recognize the healing power of soft tissue manipulation and medical massage techniques. It is for this reason that I have decided to continue my education and advance my knowledge and appreciation of the massage therapy profession.

To be honest, I primarily chose EMSOM because it is the only school that offered evening classes to fit along with my busy schedule. Also, since the school is going through the accreditation process, it is not yet as expensive as most other schools, and while it does not currently offer financial aid, EMSOM offers easy financing options and are happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Now that I am a week into the program, I can already tell that choosing EMSOM was not only the best choice for my wallet and work schedule, but it is the ONLY choice if I want to be a part of the movement to advance the profession while receiving the best medical massage education around. The curriculum is not easy and is designed to educate and produce ambassadors for the growing and to advance medical massage profession. Dorel has a vision that sends tingles down your spine when you see the respect and passion he has for his profession is his eyes. LeeAnn is professional, focused, and the backbone to making these visions a reality, and she does it in such a welcoming way that you can’t help but admire her. Pam is my instructor, and I couldn’t be more excited. Her enthusiasm for the profession parallels Dorel’s and her dynamic approach to learning is what I love most. With these three in my corner to help me gain my greatest potential as a future medical massage therapist, I am beyond thrilled that I chose EMSOM for my journey.

Kayleigh Miller

I feel fortunate to have completed the program at EMSOM, and I am grateful to the EMSOM instructors for a clear understanding of all the components that comprise the field of massage therapy. The instructors and administrators are very passionate about the profession and determined to see EMSOM students succeed. The desire of the instructional staff members to support all students was apparent throughout the program. Their expertise and transfer of knowledge of massage techniques were invaluable. I acquired a variety of hands-on experiences and felt confident to begin my career as a top-notch medical massage therapist.

Janelle Urena 

I have never been so excited and pleased with school in my life. The advanced quality of training received from EMSOM was extraordinary!!! I went to BTI for massage therapy for six months and did not receive the adequate training that was needed to help me succeed. The training I received at BTI in the six months can’t compare to the first three months I spent at EMSOM. The teachers are very attentive to each student. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants advanced medical massage training.

Craig Peters

I have always wanted to be a massage therapist. I finally, at the age of 47, decided to pursue my dream. I started looking around for a school to go to. I had been in Germany and was impressed with how they had everything geared toward medical massage.   I had back surgery there and was impressed with all the massage techniques they used to speed up my healing.

One evening I was with a couple of friends and shared my dream. They told me about their massage therapist who sold his practice and started a massage school. They told me I needed to talk to Dorel Lacatus. They told me to look up European Medical School of Massage and check it out. I was impressed with Dorel’s vision and enthusiasm he had for his school. After meeting with Dorel and LeeAnne, and talking with them, I knew this was the school for me. I knew this school was going to teach me to be the best massage therapist I could be.

Going to school for the week, my mind has been blown away by how much we have learned already. Dorel is a great instructor and makes learning very interesting. Our instructor Pamela also is amazing. I am thrilled by the enthusiasm I feel from the instructors and how they teach us.

I was surprised that we got to do hands on the first night, but loved it, and that has continued. They make each one of us students feel important and let us know that they are there to help us in any way they can.

I made one of the best decisions of my life, by going to European Medical School of Massage. And I have that confidence that it will give me all the teaching and tools I need to become the great massage therapist I want to be.

Larisa Denisenko

The European Medical School Of Massage was my top choice school because they teach how to do medical massage. I am from Russia, so my mind connects with European vision and perspective. Therefore, this type of massage intrigues me and I like it. I also like that there are only six students in the class. That way, the teacher can give all her attention and the students can ask questions and get help easily.

Also, there are many ways that we are taught. Visual teaching, practicing the massage and also through the books. I like it because I can see the same concept through many perspectives.I also like the teachers; they are very helpful and very considerate my lack of English.

The aroma in the class is very inviting and enjoyable and lets us learn in peace. Therefore, this school is very lifting for me, and I am going to enjoy learning from there very well.

Emily Ortiz

I first heard about EMSOM from Euro-Med Spa’s mailing list. I had received a spa package from there. It was by far the best services I’ve received from a spa. I liked that my body didn’t just feel relaxed, it felt worked on.
At the time I received the email about EMSOM opening up, I was searching for a massage school to enroll in. The choices were slim. I didn’t like the options for location, price, or flexibility of hours. Each school I found was lacking what I needed.
When I realized the owner of EMSOM trained the staff that worked on me at that spa, I was immediately interested. One of my top considerations in choosing a school was to try to find one that was unique.
After talking to Dorel and staff, going over curriculum, and the school’s website, I felt a great deal of excitement. I would’ve expected to have to travel to a different state to attend a school that had such a curriculum for massage therapy training. My experience so far with the curriculum has exceeded my expectations. I like that I don’t feel like I’m getting straight from the book curriculum or experience. All staff has a steady flow of knowledge and tips to help me in my career. The teachers have a unique way of breaking all the information down and letting the class put it all back together to absorb and retain what is being taught. It’s a good feeling to have learned so much more by week three than expected. All the while, taking time away from the books to learn about on the job experience from the teachers.
As far as the staff, they have made this a personalized experience for me. Everyone at EMSOM is very hands-on and open to all forms of communication. The energy given from staff gives a feeling of genuine support. It’s about time a school like this opened up.

Sarah Schofield

I was a client of Mr. Lacatus for about four years. He inspired me to become a Massage Therapist and go to his school because of his knowledge, experience and also results I had from his therapy.
This school is an advanced medical program. You don’t have to pursue advanced continuing education once you finish your nine months, you have everything at your fingertips. I love, love, love this school the teachers and the students. It’s an amazing program.

Amy Shafer

When I dialed the number for EMSOM (The European Medical School of Massage) on Thursday, February 26th, I wasn’t expecting to be put through to the school’s President, Dorel Lacatus.  I hadn’t prepared an elaborate list of intelligent-sounding questions because in my previous call to the other massage school I’d investigated, a trained telemarketer had asked my reasons for pursuing massage therapy and then pushed aggressively for me to schedule a school tour. That was all. She hadn’t seemed knowledgeable enough to answer any of my questions, referring me to speak with the school’s nursing staff upon my scheduled visit. Expecting a similar conversation that Thursday morning, I was looking forward to this call, because I WANTED to visit EMSOM as soon as possible, and my one prepared question had to do with attending the free Saturday massage course they advertised on the website.

Talking to Mr. Lacatus, he’d say something that literally made my skin tingle with excitement, like the fact that he’s been working on starting this school for two years (Meaning that all during the time I was impatiently wondering WHY God wouldn’t open the doors of His plans for my life, this school was in the works.). It had been hard to convince the board to authorize the school under the title of “Medical School of Massage,” Dorel said because it was a relatively unknown concept…that EMSOM was the FIRST school of its kind on the entire east coast (Oh, and it just so happened that the FIRST medical massage school to exist would be located within driving distance of ME.). And, the first skin-tingling moment, as I mentioned, was when we bonded over Proverbs. I had never been sure why God laid that specific challenge on my heart, but now I realized that memorizing Proverbs was essential not only to delay my career search until EMSOM opened but also to provide an instantaneous connection between myself and its founder.

From that moment on, the tenor of our conversation changed entirely. I was still awed by his resume, but suddenly he didn’t feel like such a stranger. In response to my questions, Dorel filled me in on his spiritual backstory…that he was born again in 2004. Applying the childlike faith of a new believer to the spa which he had opened in 1999, Dorel didn’t advertise for new clients; he prayed for them…and not for just any clients. As a young Christian, Dorel sensed the importance of connecting with other believers, so he prayed for God to send him Christians in pain so that He could use his unique background to heal them. Dorel said that by the time he sold the business in 2014, he had amassed 27,000 files of clients who were all Christians (I noted that he would have had to have talked with every single client about the Lord to have ascertained this fact.).