Dorel Lacatus and Laura Allen

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Advanced Strategies in Massage Therapy Education: A Step-by-Step Guide for Instructors is directed at those who seek a career as a massage therapy educator. While it is primarily directed at those who wish to teach in entry-level massage school, it is also useful for those who want to be continuing education providers or those who want to teach community education.

This text is a step-by-step guide to cultivating excellence in the learning environment, including self-inventory, the introduction of the terminology associated with education, how to create a syllabus and lesson plans, cultivating necessary skills, and finding resources…and that’s just the first chapter.

Chapter 2 touches on the rewards and challenges in teaching adult learners, various educational theories, the importance of using and teaching critical thinking and research literacy, and the emotional components of learning.

Chapter 3 covers effective and efficient teaching and assessment strategies, including the assessment of both teachers and learners.

Chapter 4 includes strategies for motivating and retaining students, including instilling a successful mindset and making learning interesting.

Chapter 5 is all about effectively managing the classroom with the least amount of stress for educators and students alike.

Chapter 6 covers the cultivation of professional skills and behaviors that are not only expected of educators but that ultimately lead students to a successful career as professional massage therapists.

Chapter 7 is about honoring diversity in the classroom, including the ability to teach students challenged by physical or learning disabilities, and those who have emotional disorders that may affect the way they learn. The point of this lesson is equality and compassion for everyone in the learning environment.

Chapter 8 is focused on using technology in the classroom and in the hands-on practice of massage therapy.

Chapter 9 introduces the skills, knowledge, and abilities that must be cultivated in order to be a subject matter expert in your chosen field. The importance of collaboration with colleagues and cross-teaching opportunities is also covered.

Chapter 10 is focused on the practical hands-on experiences in the classroom and clinic.

The features of this book include quizzes at the end of each chapter, personal stories shared by veteran educators about what they have learned in the classroom, and icons that call attention to helpful sections on classroom management, critical thinking, online resources, research, subject matter expertise, time management, and accompanying videos.

Advanced Strategies in Massage Therapy Education: A Step-by-Step Guide for Instructors is written by Dorel Lacatus and Laura Allen, both educators with a wealth of experience in private practice as working massage therapists, and as Approved Providers of Continuing Education under the NCBTMB. Dorel Lacatus is the owner of the European Medical School of Massage, one of a handful of COMTA-Approved massage schools in the U.S. Laura Allen has experience as an instructor and school administrator in entry-level education and is the author of numerous books and articles directed at massage therapists.

For those who desire to go a step further with their education, and accompanying Teacher Certificate Course is available online from the European Medical School of Massage.