It can be extremely difficult to choose the right career and the right school. Many questions, many decisions it’s upon you.

I’m here to give you a few tips to go by.

  1. Do you like to help people with their pain, stress or get them ready for an athletic event?

If YES, then go forward with it.

  1. Are you ready to put time and effort into learning the new skill while you’re in school? If your answer is yes then this journey being in massage school should be an amazing joy and experience changing your life forever.
  2. Look for a school who is Accredited. Accredited schools are held accountable by their Accreditation body and the Federal Department of Education and they are higher standard quality education.
  3. If you are looking for a way to fund your education, Student Financial Aid is a must, those who qualify may receive up to with $5000 in grant money which you don’t have to pay back. Not to mention that you get loans deferred 6 months after graduation.
  4. The school you choose must have the best teachers in the industry, experienced teachers will teach and coach you all the way to and beyond graduation.
  5. Jobs, jobs, jobs…does the school help you find jobs or even more, negotiate higher pay with the potential employer?

And this is a few of the points you must consider before you choose the school.

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Dorel Lacatus, President