Graduating class June 18, 2016

Graduating class June 18, 2016
Just in time to celebrate the beginning of summer, EMSOM graduated an amazing class of 6 students. Students from outside Berks County have traveled to learn from our school. From as far away as Schuylkill, Lancaster, and Lebanon Counties, the past nine months these students have done their best to attend 95% of all classes, studied, practiced at home, maintained an average grade of at least 90% and juggled work and family.
This was achieved by the one desire to become accomplished to begin a new career and a new chapter in their lives offering medical massage to the public to help people in pain. All of these students are in different stages of their lives and came together at this one point in time to become someone that can make a huge difference in the lives of people because they care.
The path to becoming a Medical Massage Therapist is not easy. It takes dedication to learn something new, challenging the mind to make sense of the body systems, functions, movements, learning over 600 muscles and how they help the body move and in a lot of cases how to relieve and rehabilitate those muscles to help a client in pain.
The students learned the art of palpation to find those points in the body that allow the muscles to unwind and relax. This requires the gift of touch that some have naturally, and some acquire over the course of the nine months.
Graduating from this COMTA accredited school, these fantastic Medical Massage Therapists are part of an elite group. They are in high demand in the community for the gift of pain relief they offer to those who need it the most. For a person in constant pain, that person will seek out these therapists to be out of pain and feel good again.
Opening this school to pass on my gift of knowledge of Medical Massage has been my dream for over 20 years. I proudly present these graduates to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people in the future. I wish them all success and happiness in their new career.
Dorel Lacatus President/CEO