Lower Back Pain Relief with Massage Techniques


   What is lower back pain and how do people develop it and what can a person do to reduce the pain. Lower back pain can be improved over time or from an injury. The muscles of the lower back tears, overstretch and tightens. Which can overstretch the muscle and ligaments that attach to the Bone? The symptoms to lower back pain are the lower amount of flexibility inflammation on the back, trouble sitting, standing pain, on the glutes, insides of the back some muscles of the lower back and glutes can travel down to the leg. Due to tightness [...]

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrom Pain Therapy


Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by impingement of the median nerve in the carpal bones of the wrist.  Clients with carpal tunnel syndrome often experience pain, numbness, and weakness in the affected hands and/or wrists.  There are several reasons believed to cause the condition, overuse such as working at a computer all day, repetitive motion, injuries to the wrist, or genetically having a small carpal tunnel area for the nerve to travel through. Treating carpal tunnel syndrome with massage should be done by working the cervical region, shoulder girdle, arm, forearm, and hand with various techniques from Swedish, and STR.  [...]

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Massage for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Nancy Glick CTS is a condition on which the small narrow passage that allows passage of the nerves and blood vessels at the base of the hand through the wrist area.  This carpal tunnel is made up of bone, tendons, tissue, and nerves that run from the arm traveling through the carpal tunnel to their distal end points of the hand, palm, fingers, and wrist.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when this passage is affected by narrowing, swelling, or enlargement of the tendons in the carpal tunnel, which can result in the cause of severe pain, tingling, [...]

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Massage for ACL Knee Injury


ACL Knee Injury  by David Bowser First, off a little information about the hat, an ACL Knee Injury is: An ACL knee injury is a tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament, more commonly they happen during sudden stops, jumping, changes in direction. Many sports are the causes such as basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, and gymnastics. Another interesting fact is whenever the ligament is damaged there is either a partial or complete tear of the tissue. Some mild injuries of ACL can overextend the ligament. Now onto what to look for if you are in the situation of an ACL injury, [...]

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Massage for Rotator Cuff Injury 


Rotator Cuff  by Heather Lu The rotator cuff consists of four different muscles the Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres minor and the Subscapularis. Secondary muscles that can also be affected by the rotator cuff injury would be Deltoid, Pectoralis Major Rhomboids, and the Trapezius. Rotator cuff injuries occur in various ways.  Through sports injury (basketball, volleyball, tennis and swimming), occupational hazard (cosmetologist, factory worker, mechanic), a prolonged period of time in the same position (sleeping), a fall on an outstretched arm, or chronic degeneration (40+-year-olds wear and tear usually involving the impingement from bone spur development. Symptoms can range from weakness, pain [...]

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Cervical Pinched Nerve


Cervical nerve pinch (cervical radiculopathy) by Dominic Celestina A pinched nerve in the can be due to many causes. As in chronic overuse of the muscles, or degenerative diseases. When either muscle pulls too hard / out of balance on the spine, or simple the spine/ cartilage degenerates, what is created is a pinched nerve. When the spin moves slightly/out largely out of place and puts pressure on a nerve stemming from C1 through C8. The pressure on these nerves can create pain, tingling, weakness and or swelling in the shoulders, down the arm, and in the fingers. Luckily the pain [...]

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Massage for Lower Back Pain


The muscle of the lower back helps support the weight of the entire upper body, not only that but it helps with actions such as flexion and extension of the spine, lateral flexion, rotation along the axial skeleton and much more. On top of the long list of actions the lower back does and supports, it also is the junction for a lot of the lower body nerves that power the pelvis,legs and feet. Lower back pain, (also known as lumbago) often occurs from injury to the muscles ligaments, joints or the disks of the spine. Since the body heals [...]

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Sport Massage for Equestrian


Article by Shauna Moore Horseback riding, also known as equestrianism, is a broad term that encompasses a vast variety of styles and activities that a person can do with a horse. It can be used to refer to riding a horse for working purposes, transportation, recreational activities, and competitive sports. When most people think of horseback riding, they think about it regarding the recreational or sporting aspect of things. Horse sports include a broad range of activities including, but not limited to professional racing, polo, barrel racing, reining, dressage, and rodeo. No matter what, though, horse riding comes with some [...]

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Sport Massage for Football Players


Article by Shaunna More If you're looking for a sport with a huge rate of injuries, look no further than the local football field. It seems like every week we see or hear about a football player getting injured – both at the local high school youth level or at the professional level. Everyone gets mad at their hero for getting injured and ruining their chances for the Super Bowl. The local superstar misses out on his big break with the college scouts because of a knee injury. The question often comes up as to why so many football players [...]

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Sport Massage for Swimmers


Swimming injuries By Katura Lambright Swimming is among the most popular low-impact fitness activities, with more than a million competitive and recreational swimmers in the United States. More than one-third of these athletes practice and compete year-round. Elite swimmers may train more than five miles a day, putting joints through extreme repetitive motion. Most swimming injuries affect the shoulders, knees, hips, or back, depending on stroke.   You may have heard that swimming is the best active sport that is the least likely to cause injuries. However, as with anything else, with overuse comes fatigue and failure to adhere to [...]

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