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Foot Injuries and Massage Therapy


  by Amanda Wolfe, student class of Nov 2017 Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body. Feet allow us to stand, reach higher, walk, run, and stay mobile throughout our busy daily lives. Foot health is important, but often overlooked or pushed off by many people. Healthy feet are taken for granted, and unhealthy or painful feet are often unaddressed or unrelieved. Massage can be the key to many different foot conditions. Let’s take a closer look into some of the most common, painful feet problems that are easily relieved by massage therapy if addressed [...]

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A Peek Under the Hood at Your Machine


Our bodies have so many levels of organization within it. From the chemical level to the cellular level. The cell is the smallest structural and functional unit that can exist as a self-sustaining entity. It’s as if the cell is its own little city the way it’s structured. But that is only the beginning. Then at the cellular level, there is the there is the tissue level. The tissues then create the organ level (Heart, Lungs, Stomach, etc). And then the organs then come together to create the organ system level. We have 11 different systems that keep us working [...]

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Average Massage Therapist Pay vs. Other Best Jobs


Massage Therapist: Salary Details The BLS reports the median annual wage for massage therapists was $38,040 in 2015. The best-paid 10 percent in the profession made more than $74,860, while the lowest-paid 10 percent made less than $18,860. The top-paying metropolitan areas for this occupation include Fairbanks, Alaska; Anchorage, Alaska; and Pittsfield, Massachusetts. 75th Percentile$56,180 Median$38,040 25th Percentile$25,350 Average Massage Therapist Pay vs. Other Best Jobs Many massage therapists work in posh spas and have clients with comfortable incomes. But the average worker in this profession makes a low annual salary compared with other occupations in similar fields. Massage therapists, who earned an [...]

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Good Tips Massage Therapist


Pay attention to how your client responds during a massage. If your customer tenses up, you are probably rubbing him or her in a way that is too intense. If your client seems to feel tickled, you might be going too light with your fingers. Paying attention can help you to find the right balance that will please your client. When you have a client that you are giving a massage to, ask whether or not they are comfortable. The last thing that you will want is someone who does not feel secure when you are giving a massage. Additionally, [...]

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