Massage School for Lancaster County Residents

If you live in Lancaster County and you want to become a Massage Therapist, you have a few different options of schools around the area. But then if you would like to become a Medical Massage Therapist, that’s a different story. There is only one school can award you with that Certification as Medical Massage Therapist, and that European Medical School Of Massage in Sinking Spring PA. The only Medical Massage School in Northeast US.

So what is different from other schools. Other schools prepare you for a basic massage therapy level. Also, they may prepare you for working in a spa environment which is great, but when it comes down to people in pain, that’s where you get stuck, because you will need more training to respond to a proper massage technique and modality for individuals who suffer and in pain. European Medical School Of Massage is an extensive accredited Medical Massage School with a Curriculum set to cover modalities such as Medical Massage, British Sports Therapy, Myofascial Work, Orthopedic Massage, Oncology Massage, Soft Tissue Release and many other modalities and techniques you will learn in our program!

Contact our Admission Office today and make an appointment for a school tour @ 610.670.6100. Also, make sure to visit our website to learn more, especially see videos our media library!

European Medical School Of Massage is located about 20 minutes north of Lancaster, taken 222 highway and exit Sinking Spring Exit. The exact address is 2913 Windmill Rd Suite 12 Sinking Spring PA. Phone # 610.670.6100 and their website is Email or if you are looking for Financial Aid.

About Lancaster County:

Lancaster County is in southern Pennsylvania, on the Susquehanna River. Lancaster, the county seat, is known for its red-brick Central Market building. North of the city, Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum evokes a traditional German settlement. Southeast, in Amish farm country, the town of Strasburg is home to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania’s vintage trains. Farther south is Riverside Susquehannock, State Park.

Vacation in Lancaster

Lancaster PA hosts over 8 million visitors each year. They love the state-of-the-art entertainment, the variety of family activities, and the peaceful countryside. Spend an enjoyable vacation here while you visit quaint small towns like Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse. It’s easy to unwind and relax here with our beautiful scenery and the clip-clop sound of horses echoing down back country roads.

Our Amish Neighbors

The oldest Amish settlement in America is in Lancaster. The Amish community here is flourishing even though they still rely on horse and buggy transportation and refuse public electricity. Learn more about the Amish lifestyle and their faith. Their culture and ethics have caused many people to rethink some of their personal priorities. You can also visit local Amish attractions and even take an Amish buggy ride.

You’ll Love it Here!

Visiting Lancaster County is like exploring a whole new world. You’ll have an uplifting time and just see things from a different perspective. Good things are happening in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We’ll help you find and enjoy them!