The following criteria must be met for acceptance and admission to the European Medical School of Massage

  1. High School Diploma or GED, or certificate equivalent required. A copy of the original High School Diploma must be kept on file. In the event the validity of the High School diploma is questioned; a high school transcript will be necessary to validate authenticity.

Self-certification is not sufficient documentation and there is no appeal process if the school is unable to validate a high school diploma.

European Medical School of Massage LLC does not admit students under the Ability to Benefit criteria.  Must be 18 years old at the time of signing the enrollment agreement.

Students who are self-paying, not utilizing financial aid, may be admitted into the program without a high school diploma as long as they complete high school graduation requirements and present a high school diploma or GED prior to graduation of the program.

  1. Submit an essay expressing knowledge of Massage Therapy Industry and Career Goals. Approximately 250 words.
  1. A Basic Skills Test will be given prior to starting of course to assess the vocabulary and reading skills of the applicant. This is a standard grading system. A score of 75% is required to determine the applicant is at a 12th-grade reading level. There is no charge for this test. The essay mentioned above (#2) and the Basic Skills Test combined, will determine if the student is qualified to be accepted into the program.
  1. Proof of the United States legal residency.
  1. Physical exam clearance, complete a Vaccination and Physical Capacity Form
  1. All applicants must disclose any previous criminal history up to 20 years that may potentially disqualify the applicant for state licensure.