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Please take a look what will be the best class to suit your schedule, call our admission office @610.670.6100 for a Student Tour of the school. Classes filling up fast! Apply Now!

Program Length:

  • 9 Months – 700 Hours- 38 Weeks

Day Class Hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Thursday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Evening Class Hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Thursday 5:00 pm -10:00 pm

*Classes cannot exceed 12 students, call today for your spot!

Coming Up Classes

  • October 9, 2017
  • February 5, 2018
  • July 8, 2018
  • October 9, 2018


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Fully Accredited Massage Therapy School in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania Best Massage Therapy School. Learn Medical Massage Therapy Diploma in 9 months.

The European Medical School of Massage LLC  licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Private Schools, accredited by COMTA, the Commission On Massage Therapy Accreditation and is an Assigned School by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Our educational facility situated in Berks County, Southeastern Pennsylvania, located at the Spring Commons Business Complex, at 2913 Windmill Road, Suite 12, Sinking Spring. In addition, there is an auxiliary classroom located at the Reading Muhlenberg Career & Technology Center 2615 Warren Road, Reading PA 19604.

Our locations afford students and educators alike with a comfortable and accommodating open floor plan for theory and hands-on practice, utilizing technological, digital and industry appropriate equipment. European Medical School of Massage LLC also follows guidelines of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), Associated Body Work and Massage Professionals (ABMP), and National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

 The ONLY Medical Massage School in North Eastern US

Berks County, Pennsylvania Finest Accredited Medical Massage Therapy School

Students come to learn the medical massage therapy trade from areas such as Reading, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Pottstown, West Chester, King of Prussia, Philadelphia, Scranton, Williamsport and State College!

With over 15 Courses In Our Medical  Massage Program, EMSOM will Pave the Road to Your Success with our COMTA Approved Curriculum.

EMSOM is built on decades of experience in the field by people who love and care for others in pain. EMSOM developed an amazing school, enroll now and be part of our FamilyJoin our Family and find out what EMSOM can offer you!

If any of the following statements will be the reason for you to choose this path, then go for it!


At the end of the school term, you’ll be able to have the following benefits:

  • Excellent income

  • Own your own business
  • Flexibility to set your own hours
  • One of the fastest growing careers
  • High demand occupation
  • Healing people without a PhD
  • Help to heal people in pain
  • Work in a medical environment
  • Change your career in only 17 hours a week
  • Become state licensed in as little as 9 months


Students learning the European Philosophy of Medical Massage!

  • MEDICAL MASSAGE 128 hours




  • ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 124 hours


  • KINESIOLOGY 88 hours

  • MEDICAL BILLING  4 hours

  • PATHOLOGY 41 hours




European Medical School of Massage has successfully placed all of our graduates for employment in spas, chiropractor offices, physical therapy clinics as well as many of our graduates have opened their businesses and are self-employed. Graduates average starting salary ($30-$45/hour employed $65-$70/hour independent). Hundreds of Jobs available on the market.Please visit our Student Job Openings section for more information.

  • Lancaster Accident and Injury Rehab, Lancaster, PA

  • Bax Plus Lititz, PA

  • Envy Hair Nail and Tanning Studio, Jonestown, PA

  • Hand & Stone, Wyomissing, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Lancaster PA

  • Therapeutic Effect, Mountville PA

  • Tri-County Chiropractic Douglassville, PA 

  • In Motion Physical Therapy Downingtown, PA

  • Therapeutic Effects Mountville, PA

  • Luxe Spa,  Lancaster, PA

  • Soothe Massage, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Chester Counties PA

  • WellSpan Center for Mind/Body Health York, PA

  • Hershey Spa Hershey, PA

  • Bell Tower Salon & Spa Wyomissing, PA

  • Emerald Springs Spa,  Lancaster, PA

  • Elements Massage, Camp Hill & Harrisburg PA


 Dorel Lacatus, President/CEO


I would like to welcome you to European Medical School Of Massage (EMSOM) website and to this amazing field of medical massage which I love tremendously.

Please take your time, read as much as you can, come back and read again, reach to us for any question you have because we want you to make the right decision and be successful with the massage career you choose.  We are here to give you the best tools, knowledge, education and to help you to follow your dreams like I did 30 years ago, and make an incredible living for the rest of your life.


Becoming a massage therapist requires formal training, both in a classroom and on-the-job. You’ll need to pass a practical and written exam, MBLEX, and become licensed in the state in which you’d like to practice.

Choosing A School

When evaluating a program, there are many factors to consider: quality of the faculty and facilities, financial stability of the school, and job-search assistance provided to graduates and passing MBLEX exam rate. Be sure to verify that any school you’re interested in is accredited and endorsed by COMTA. This will ensure that the institution or program has demonstrated high quality.

European Medical School Of Massage LLC it is accredited and endorsed curriculum by COMTA. For admission office, please contact Ms. LeeAnne Spohn @ 610.670.6100 or

Dorel Lacatus, President/CEO

We are proud to announce European Medical School Of Massage LLC starting April 22nd, 2016 is an Accredited School. We would like to thank the students, staff, and the faculty for all the hard work they all put in. Here is a quote from COMTA official letter: “Congratulations! At its April 11-12, 2016 meeting, the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) reviewed the initial accreditation application for European Medical School of Massage. This review included consideration of the program’s self-study report, the report of the site team, and the school’s response to the site team report. Based on the information submitted for review, the Commission has acted to accredit the institution for seven (7) years, April 2016 – April 2023 with no conditions. ” Thank you again, everyone!

Want to study for the MBLEx the fun and easy way? Study with Massage Study Buddy for FREE.

With over 1,400 MBLEx answers, you can prep with high-quality materials anytime, anywhere.



NCBTMB certified Continuing Education. Get your CEs at EMSOM.

Click here to view all of the upcoming classes.


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100+ on-demand webinars. $0 for CE hours. More reason than ever to be an ABMP member.

Click here to view all of the benefits:


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Insurance for Professional Massage Therapists

Your AMTA Professional Membership includes broad liability insurance to protect you from covered losses.

All students are cover from day one at our school!



  • Strategies Concerning Medical Massage for Neck Pain

    My Client’s Progress By Amanda Wolfe, Student July Class 2017 I have a client that came to me several weeks ago for a practicing massage for a homework assignment. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with him frequently for homework and clinical practice. He came to me with chronic problems that [...]

  • Future Medical Massage Therapist

    Story by Shauna Moore, Student @ EMSOM March 2017 Class As a future medical massage therapist, the absolute best thing you can hope for when you take on a new client is a positive outcome that helps the client to be in less pain and live a better life. Most of us go into [...]

  • Back to School: Starting a Career in Medical Massage Therapy

      As an adult, the idea of going back to school to start a new career can be intimidating.  Going back to school for a career in medical massage therapy, however, doesn't have to be.  The European Medical School of Massage is dedicated to providing an education in massage therapy that will provide students with the [...]

  • Foot Injuries and Massage Therapy

      by Amanda Wolfe, student class of Nov 2017 Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body. Feet allow us to stand, reach higher, walk, run, and stay mobile throughout our busy daily lives. Foot health is important, but often overlooked or pushed off by many people. Healthy feet are [...]

  • Anatomy & Physiology of the Cell

    STRUCTURE AND CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF THE CELL Like all living things, the human body is made up of cells. Thanks to the cellular structure of the object, its growth, reproduction, restoration of damaged organs and tissues and other forms of activity. The shape and size of the cells are different and correspond to the [...]

  • Geriatric Medical Massage

    As we move later into the 2000s and modern medicine continues to get better and better, the number of older Americans continues to grow every year. The average life expectancy of men and women is currently 76 and 81, respectively. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that the U.S. population aged 65 years [...]

You got a busy schedule? No problem! This school is very understanding of the fast paced society we live in. They got morning classes, evening classes and an excellent staff that shows they care for your success as a massage therapist. I don’t even gotta study much after class because the information clicks right in. When you’re in a safe and caring environment, that’s the best time to learn! After all, they know its their reputation on the line when I go off around the world talking about where I learned my awesome techniques.
Luis Colindres
I wanted to start by saying this field has always held special interest for me as I struggle with chronic pain no doctor or any medical professional could help me. I have been helped so much by a massage therapist it is amazing so I decided to inquire about this opportunity to help others in the future. I went to BTI to check out their program and was not convinced then came to EMSOM after speaking with Leanne and Dorel I knew it was the right time and the right school. They validated my fears and my insecurities and helped me to overcome them! I felt at home and that they listened and truly care about me. So I gave up my career of 30 years as a retail manager and now am a student learning so much every day and every week. I believe they will help me be the best I can be and will be true mentors for me in every step of the way. The teachers are sincere, very intelligent and truly care about their students. They will go out of their way to help us out no matter what. I look forward to helping people in the future and be the best therapist I can be to make Dorel and everyone proud!
Lisa Moore
In 2003, I graduated from a great school in State College, PA. With the passing of the massage licensing and regulations, my school had closed and I felt kind of ‘homeless’ in a way as for support and continuing education so I hung up my massage business of 10 years. In the past couple months, a friend sparked up my interest in massage and I found that I missed it very much. We attended a class at EMSOM for continuing education to get our licenses up to par and I have found a new Massage School I can call home. 🙂 Thank you so very much Dorel for squeezing us in and teaching us! I can’t wait to get our new office running and my hands on people again!!!
Amanda Fox
I took a continuing Ed course on medical massage. I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t wait to get home and start using the new techniques on my clients. They now too love it. I learned so much! Great hands on, and peaceful environment. Will definitely be continuing my education there in the future. Dorel is a wonderful teacher and really takes the time to teach and show you. Highly recommended.
April Feigles-Rearick
I love this school! The teachers will go above and beyond to help you understand to your best ! Dorel is very involved with us and he’s super understanding and helps you with whatever your dreams are ! They all make sure you achieve your goals and dreams ! They all go above and beyond what I expected ! This school is so much more then I could have ever expected to learn in such a short period of time ! It’s a great school I highly recommend it, it’s the best around ! You get so much more knowledge then simply being a massage therapist !
Courtney Witmer
For me I was sold when they came into the school to talk about it. I really like how they keep on going with it and don’t stop at one thing. They really make things possible. They were very welcoming and are very helpful through out the process of being here. I am very glad I chose EMSOM, they make these things possible and to help you know more about your career. It amazing to be here with everyone and for them to all be kind, help you through the process and to help you grow.
Kylie Rumcik
I am so thankful I found European Medical School of Massage. I feel that I am already surpassing my expectations (as well as my family’s expectations) on what I could learn in school. The instructors are helpful and kind mentors, assisting the students in anyway they can to comprehend and retain information. The staff is warm, sincere, and intelligent, as well as upfront on what they expect from students, as well as what we can gain from EMSOM. I am so thrilled to be attending class and am so excited to see the field of Medical Massage grow!!
Naomi Esther
I am thrilled that I chose European Medical School of Massage. The staff was warm and welcoming and helped to make the transition of going back to school very pleasant. The founders of the school and their instructors embody such drive and passion, I feel fortunate to be among them. I am only a third done the program and I feel both excited and confident in my medical massage knowledge and technique. My instructor incorporates lecture and hands on technique in every class and she is kind enough to share her own professional experiences which are full of clinical pearls and great lessons!
EMSOM’s curriculum is for everyone, whether you are just out of high school, or looking for a rewarding career change, or maybe you are a health professional looking to expand your services. Whatever path you are on, EMSOM is an excellent choice and I couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of this school and growing profession!
Ciara Ann
I feel fortunate to have completed the program at EMSOM and I am grateful to the EMSOM instructors for a clear understanding of all the components that comprise the field of massage therapy. The instructors and administrators are very passionate about the profession and determined to see EMSOM students succeed. The desire of the instructional staff members to support all students was apparent throughout the program. Their expertise and transfer of knowledge of massage techniques was invaluable. I acquired a variety of hands-on experiences and feel confident to begin my career as a top notch medical massage therapist.
Kayleigh Miller

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Enroll Today! Excellent Income! 100% Job Placement!